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About Janelle Williams

Janelle Williams is the Principal Attorney at Georgia Wills and Trust, a firm committed to designing legacies and protecting dreams with estate planning documents and probate services. A graduate of Spelman College and Howard University College of Law, she has been a licensed attorney in Georgia since 2004. She committed herself to being a voice for the unheard and underserved in the justice system by serving her community for 13 years as a public defender. After losing her grandmother and experiencing the challenges that come from losing a family member without an estate plan, she decided to serve her community in a new way. She learned that the vast majority of African Americans do not have any legal documents laying out their wishes for medical care or their life savings and decided to focus on finding legal solutions that could prevent other families from the anger and confusion that often surrounds the final days of a loved one. Attorney Williams’ mission is to empower and educate her community about the legal ways to preserve their legacy and to offer flat-fee services that are straight-forward and clear. She is a daughter, sister, wife, mother, and friend with a commitment to serve her clients like they were her own family.

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